33 comments on “The Great Library of Alexandria

  1. You mentioned that (the libriary at Alexandria) “was probably destroyed when Alexandria was captured by the Roman emperor Aurelianus in 273 BCE” Please check your dates on that. You may have meant to say “273 CE” (i.e., A.D.), during which Aurelian was a Roman emperor.

  2. I think Ptolemy was continuing the trend that Aristotle began, under the patronage of Alexander. Aristotle sent a lot of missions abroad to collect information from all corners of the world.

  3. Very interesting blog – I wonder how the Grand Library of Baghdad compares to the Great Library of Alexandria. I was of the opinion the Baghdad library was the greatest – or reported to be of course in scriptures, until the Mongols sacked it. What’s your view about the Baghdad library?

  4. Your blog is fantastic and the content there in is classic

    I love history and I love your blog
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  6. So glad to have discovered your blog, you stole my thunder! In a good way of course, The Library of Alexandria is a subject that facinates me. So much knowledge has been lost through the ages. Thanks for doing what I wish I had the time and patience for!

  7. An interesting read. I had the pleasure of visiting the Bibliotheca Alexandrina this past summer. It was a beautiful sight, especially with the history in mind. Thanks for the follow as well. I appreciate it.

  8. It is entries like this that inspired me to follow your blog. Thank you. And yes, you are more open minded than I would be…I would not have approved the BCE comment. Too narrow minded… Thanks again for some really nice entries

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