13 comments on “Wounded Achilles

  1. I had never see n that statue of Achilles before. It is a ffascinating pice of sculpture. I would also like to see the English version of your Caligula piece. Thanks. >KB

  2. I’ve actually been so obsessed with Achilles (AND Sissi) that I actually went to Corfu at one point just to visit the Empress’ villa (which has a charming view, by the way). Peleus’ son is a great character, perhaps the number one hero of the Homeric poems. I’m really glad someone speaks of him without a mention of either Brad Pitt or the “Troy” movie!

  3. Poor Achilles ! Even in the sculpture it looks painful. No wonder when we have pain in our heel now its called Achilles Heel . I’m gradually working my way through your past posts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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